I am a lady with appetite for novelty and culture, as well as for a very intense relax time & I wrote these pages in order to be read! They are not 700 pages of ancient books, so even if your time is limited, I hope your interest is unlimited! There are some things which not even the deepest subtlety can describe in lines, since raw minds can read english too, this is why I leave the ending unfinished, so you can design one after your taste! Or after you taste.....

I consider offensive attitude trying to give unclear addresses or hiding in the lobby like a rabbit, or trying to rush me - I need 1h to reach at least, or asking if I look at least as the graphic representations from this site or other internet advertising resources from internet where you may find this pics!

Taxi is compulsory once you request my presence 20euros! (like me or not) The other fee is not compulsory, but is encouraged! I take responsibily only for the written lines from www.layla.funsites.ro ! I do not check other places where I may show up in internet, that is why I do not offer handy on page, in order to avoid receiving missplaced questions! Just write me an email, and you will get it fast as automatic reply. Please do not use any contact form from other internet advertising resources, only my email is replied


Enough talking, let's have fun! Checking me is always open with skype / pp. Don't expect that cheap check profile with a paper in my hand made by some advertisers, we talk here about unlimited resources and imagination, because I am not a cloth or shoe to show that easily all my features.