About contact methods:

Before you get in touch

you make sure you have a location! I am a discreet girl, any address is safe with me, after the date I delete any contact detail, including any memory of physical features !

make sure your location

is easy to be found or you have all details about it! If you live in a flat adress sounds like that: Str. "Name=X", no X, BL X, entrance X, floor X, ap X, interphone XXXX + important sign, banners, buildings nearby, sometimes address is not enough

I transport is 20 euros // you agree to pay this the moment you ask me to call the car I

use handy after you read this page

this page is intended to help those of you with a poor english, therefore I offer my handy after I am sure you understand the above written lines

email: laylaofthenight@gmx.com